Vortex has specifically designed FiSST family of ATMs that could operate(up-to 50-degree-Celsius) at any conditions in the world. The ATMs manufactured by Vortex consumes very less power and constitutes very less mechanical and electrical parts as compared to other conventional ATMs. Powered by 9 patents, Vortex makes ATMs possible anywhere, anytime. The unique patented technology used in the ATM has been developed to help banks reach out to rural areas and financial inclusion of unbanked population. Vortex FiSST family of ATMs is powered by Vortex Swave application software.

Additionally, we provide related software solutions to help banks roll out end-to-end ATM services. All the Vortex FiSST ATMs come with solar power options for greater availability in areas having severe power shortage.

EcotellerTM ATM
Ecoteller, the 4-cassette model is the world’s lowest power consuming ATM, which can be deployed anywhere and can even work at harsh conditions. ... Read More

Small-Bunch Note Acceptor
The Vortex range of Cash Acceptors is part of the FiSST family that enables depositing of cash anytime, anywhere, with the money instantly credited in the depositor's account. ... Read More

Bunch Note Acceptor
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Desktop ATM
Having pioneered in ATM deployment in the most difficult and challenging environments, Vortex has introduced “Ecoteller Mini” another revolutionary ATM. ... Read More

Through The Wall
Vortex Engineering launches the New Ecoteller Rear Load ATM - The high performance Through-the- wall cash dispenser designed specifically ... Read More