ATMs are the most important alternate channel beyond bank branches for banks today. A positive ATM experience ensures improved customer engagement with the bank. In addition, there are stringent regulatory requirements for quick customer complaints redress especially in the context of cash withdrawal failures.

It hence becomes essential to have an ATM Management Centre to ensure the highest customer engagement on the bank’s ATM network. Vortex offers one of the most comprehensive ATM Management Centre services available today.

Key features:

  • Centralized and guaranteed EJ Pulling and storage – can be scheduled or on-demand.
  • Centralized ATM camera image pulling for a specific transaction. This along with the EJ data can ensure quick customer complaints redress

  • ATM Performance history recorder for Pro-active Maintenance Support. In order to ensure high availability of ATM, it is necessary to monitor the ATMs continuously for any performance degradation of peripherals like card reader, printer etc. Also, the cash dispense performance record will indicate any possible future failure condition as well as improper cash loading or cash quality status quickly. Also, any customer usage difficulty like repeated PIN failures or repeated card reader insertion can be identified. These allow pro-active steps to be taken to ensure the highest ATM availability.

  • Transaction Analysis: Watch all the sequence of operations in ATM like Admin Entry and Exits, Cash Loading, Cash Counter Updates, Customer Transactions and Device Performance

  • Centralized Screen downloads: Customer expectations and regulatory needs now require ATM screens to be periodically updated. The platform allows all screen downloads to ATMs happen centrally without any need for site visits. This ensures consistent screens across all ATMs always

  • Centralized software downloads: Roll out OS, software and firmware upgrades at a single click from central server.

Download ATM Management Centre Brochure