Vortex continually strives to enhance user experience to the next level, keeping an eye on offering economic and the most eco-friendly products in the ATM industry. A couple of the numerous key differentiators of Vortex ATMs that are standout features would be low cost and low power consumption. The 9 patents filed so far are a testimony to the pioneering effort at Vortex to give the very best of technology at affordable prices to its customers.

Key innovations in our product design are:
Gravity-Assisted Friction Pick – Harnessing nature’s force to reliably pick notes with the lowest power consumption in the world

DynaBunch (TM) - Pick-bunch-hop-present for quick response, lesser power and fewer jams, resulting in hassle free operation

DoubleDetach (TM) – When a double-note gets picked, we don’t just detect and purge... we separate them!!

Lingua Print (TM): We print receipt in a language of customer choice

Beltless design: The short transport path eliminates the need for a belt, while ensuring lesser power consumption and fewer cash jams

60-watt power consumption & built-in UPS: Consumes the lowest energy in minimalistic space while conserving energy and drastically reducing up to almost 90% on electricity bills

Linux OS: Safer, stable, no frequent patches, better hardware utilization

Industry-grade motherboards: Configured with extended temperature range for motherboards and cables used at the highest levels like NASA for rugged and failure-free performance

One-click customer complaint resolution: The Vortex-developed ATM Management Centre pulls up transaction details and camera image on demand... simpler and faster anytime