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Vortex offers Perfo - a multi-vendor ATM management software -  a comprehensive solution to monitor and manage ATMs. Perfo helps banks and independent ATM operators to effectively manage their ATM fleet and maximize the ATM availability.

FI’s are in adoption of agent based monitoring

Availability improvement of ATM Channel reported by various banks

Multivendor ATM Terminals being managed in multiple geographies

Top reasons why Financial Institutions (FI's) need a central management and monitoring system for their ATM network operations

  • FI's consider ATMs as the most important banking channel next to the branches. Hence, FI's need to ensure 24/7 ATM availability and a positive user experience for an improved customer engagement.
  • The complexity of ATM operations and maintenance is a major challenge to the banks and the same increases exponentially with growing ATM fleet and the involvement of multiple service providers (Multiple ATM vendors, cash replenishment agencies and facility providers).
  • Typically FI's use a disparate set of tools or use manual processes in ATM management activities like ATM configuration, remote administration, electronic journal retrieval and reconciliation, cash level reporting, ATM monitoring and incident management. This approach leads to many inefficiencies and results in major operational challenges such as inconsistent ATM availability and inordinate delays in dispute resolution.
  • The absence of any performance dashboard results in FI's not knowing the health of their ATM fleet and not being able to meet the ATM channel objectives of high customer satisfaction and high availability.

Hence it becomes essential to have an integrated ATM Management system which allows central management, monitoring and remote administration of the ATM network. The management system should facilitate regular analysis of performance metrics, trigger maintenance requests and produce availability reports.



Perfo helps Financial Institutions pro-actively manage the multi-vendor ATM fleet by providing real-time monitoring dashboards and service level agreement (SLA) monitoring tools to ensure maximum availability and operational efficiency.


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Enables Regulatory Compliance
Enables banks to fully comply with central bank’s regulations on transaction dispute resolution and secure archival of sensitive transaction journal records.
Facilitates Increase in ATM Transaction Volumes
Features like Real-time monitoring alerts/notications, automated ticket assignment to vendors & tracking their service levels, single touch dispute resolution among others, ensure decrease in turn-around time of issue resolution and an increase in overall ATM uptime / availability with a measurable increase in transaction volumes.
Increases Operational Efficiency
Perfo® Mobile App enables agile action from IT, Operations, Business Teams of Central and Regional Offices of the Bank. This is done by providing access to Health Monitoring Dashboards and Performance Analytics that graphically depicts network-wide device status, cash status and transaction trends.



Journal Records Management

  • EJ Pulling / EJ Viewer

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Live EJ Transmission

  • Transaction Image Pulling

  • DVSS Video Pulling

Availability Monitoring

  • XFS Based Live Device Monitoring / Cash Monitoring

  • Live Network Dashboards

  • Remote reboot/ shutdown

  • Device Resets

  • Live Transaction / Device Fault Analytics

Cash Management

  • Cash Level Management / Reports

  • Cash Balancing

  • Cash Load Reports

  • Cash Forecasting

  • Cash Reports / Recommendation

Content and Patch Management

  • Screen / Media Distribution

  • Software Distribution

  • Patch Distribution

  • File Transfers

  • Log Retrieval

Business Analytics

  • Device Performance History / Analytics

  • Transaction History

  • Alerts

  • Reporting / Dashboard Engine

  • Performance Analytics

Incident Management

  • Tickets / Assignment

  • Escalation Rules

  • SLA monitoring

  • Reminders / Alerts

An introduction to Perfo Mobile App and Incident Management

Perfo helps you track ATM incidents and maintain uptime.
Perfo helps you resolve transaction disputes.
Agent based monitoring & management of financial self-service terminals

Advantages over Switch Based Terminal Management & Monitoring

Agent based monitoring & management of financial self-service terminals

Advantages over Switch Based Terminal Management & Monitoring