Ecoteller is an innovative ATM which is indigenously designed and built in India and can operate at any conditions in the world. It helps the banks to reach out anywhere(Rural, semi-urban & urban) and also makes it a profitable initiative due to its lower power consumption.

It consumes very less power(60 Watts) which is by far the lowest than any other ATMs in the world. As its name indicates Ecoteller ATMs can be viably run by greener power sources like solar power and thus could even operate at zero emissions. The key highlights of Ecoteller Automatic Teller Machines are:

  • Can operate under power fluctuations and power failures
  • Consumes very little power – can be viably run on solar power
  • Does not need air-conditioning. Can operate from 00C to 500C
  • Very easy to use, even for users unfamiliar with tech devices - provides biometric authentication
  • Unique cash dispense mechanism which employs DynaBunchTM technology for collecting notes from each cassettes
  • Very low operating expenses - low power consumption & communication costs
  • DoubleDetachTM technology- Detach and dispense double notes
  • Electronic journal – saves paper
  • Very compact – uses less space
  • LinguaPrint – Gives customer receipt in the local language chosen by the customer
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