Small Bunch Note Acceptor

The Vortex range of Cash Acceptors is part of the FiSST family that enables depositing of cash anytime, anywhere, with the money instantly credited in the depositor's account.

The cash acceptor is introduced for those banks who find it difficult to manage long queues and aims at reducing time and the effort of the customer as one does not have to fill deposit slips to credit the money into one's account, resulting in the most automated banking concept at a very low cost.

Banks can also make use of these machines by installing them in rural areas where people are paid wages as cash and do not have the facility to deposit them immediately.

Few of the benefits of using the innovative cash acceptor includes:

  • 24*7*365 days hassle-free banking anywhere, anytime
  • Credit amount immediately into one's account
  • Automatic generation of printed receipt containing complete details of the transaction
  • Does not need air-conditioning and can operate from 00C to 500C
  • UL2911 L1-certified Safe ensures the highest security levels
  • No denomination-wise cash arrangement required
  • Accepts and identifies any denomination of Indian Rupee notes
  • Consumes extremely low power - not more than just 70 watts
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