Gramateller Duo is the best ATM option available in the market for hassle free installation in non-metropolitan urban and semi urban locations. The small footprint, built-in backup, and not requiring air-conditioning lowers the total cost of installation of ATMs considerably.

Gramateller Duo® can also be easily deployed using Solar Power, in regions facing acute power shortage. Gramateller Duo is currently deployed across almost all states of India and has proven its reliability in the extreme conditions of deserts as well as hill stations without any air-conditioning. The key highlights of Gramateller Automatic Teller Machines are:

  • Built-in UPS for 4 hours (8 hours optional). No need for additional UPS
  • Consumes very little power – bring down monthly electricity bills to less than Rs 600
  • Does not need air-conditioning. Can operate from 00C to 500C
  • Biometric Authentication: Suitable to ensure secure authentication of people who are not tech savvy
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Unique & patent pending “Gravity Assisted Friction Feed” technique for reliable cash dispense
  • Very low operating expenses – low power consumption & communication costs
  • Patented “Sheet Separation Apparatus” technology to dispense even teller grade notes
  • Electronic journal – saves paper
  • Very compact – uses less space – save on real estate cost of installation
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