The ATM Advertisement platform is a versatile marketing tool which enables the bank to maximize their revenue by cross selling any promotions or advertisements to the customers in the ATM screens using a central server. Locale specific advertising campaigns (comprising of videos or a set of screens) can be created on a central server and deployed at a single click to the ATMs.

Banks can use this service to display information to its customers about new products, services, promotional offers and other relevant information while customer is waiting for their request to get serviced or after being serviced in the ATM. ATM Advertisement Platform allows campaigns to be created centrally and deployed in ATMs region-wise and with specific time schedules.

Key features:

  • Advertisement/ message campaigns can be created centrally. The campaigns are automatically downloaded to the ATMs
  • The campaigns get displayed in the idle loop as well as the waiting loop during an ATM transaction. Ticker messaging and receipt print messaging can also be optionally configured.

  • Different Campaigns can be downloaded on the ATM based on geographic spread. Different campaigns can be scheduled for different times in the ATM
  • Monitor centrally the campaigns that are running at that time in any ATM
  • Reports of weekly and monthly ATM-wise campaign displayed

Download ATM Advertisement Platform Brochure