Perfo - ATM Management and Monitoring System

A complete financial self service terminal management and monitoring solution.

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Top reasons why you need a central management tool for ATM network operations

  • Banks consider ATMs as the most important banking channel next to the bank branches.
  • For improved customer engagement banks needs to ensure reliable ATM availability and a positive user experience.
  • Complexity of ATM operations and maintenance is a major challenge to the banks and the same increases exponentially with growing ATM fleet/ site distribution/ involvement of multiple partners - ATM OEMs, CRAs, branch/ offsite installation, etc.
  • Absence of performance KPI dashboard results in banks not knowing the health of their ATM fleet and not being able to meet the ATM channel objectives of high customer satisfaction.
  • Typically Banks use disparate set of tools or manually engage in the ATM management activities like ATM configuration, remote admin, E-Journal retrieval/ reconciliation, cash level reporting, ATM monitoring/ reporting and incident management. This approach leads to many inefficiencies resulting in major operational challenges such as inconsistent ATM availability and inordinate delays in dispute resolution.

Hence it becomes essential to have an integrated ATM Management system which allows central management, monitoring and remote admin of the ATMs. The management system should facilitate regularly analysis of performance metrics, trigger maintenance requests and produce resource reports.

Vortex offers Perfo - a multi-vendor ATM management software - a comprehensive solution to monitor and manage ATMs. Perfo helps banks and independent ATM operators to effectively manage their ATM fleet and maximize the ATM availability.

Perfo – Product Architecture

Perfo – Deployment Architecture

Key Features and Capabilities

  • Integrated ATM management and monitoring solution for Multi-vendor ATMs.
    • Central Web Server based Architecture - browser based UI
    • XFS based ATM agents (to be installed on ATMs)
  • Electronic Journal Management
    • Live EJ (push from agent to server), Flexible scheduling of EJ Pulling
    • Live EJ and Transaction Image web access to branch managers - Helps resolve customer complaints instantaneously.
  • Live ATM Monitoring and Failure Trend Dashboards and Analytics
    • Comprehensive dashboard to monitor Live ATM events like Device faults, In-service/out of service, Cash out, Cash jam etc. Transaction analytics for transaction response time, transaction timeouts
    • Reports like ATM uptime , cash position, transaction, etc.
    • Maintenance support - monitoring data is analysed for any performance degradation of various devices like card reader, printer, EPP, dispenser etc. Maintenance/ PM requests can be triggered to ensure ATM availability.
    • Correlation of Diagnostics data and Failure history of events help to understand the failure trend.
    • Compare and contrast ATM performance data of ATM OEMs.
  • Content Management
    • Push advertisement screens, transaction screens and videos to ATMs
    • File transfers to and from ATMs, Script execution and software patches.
  • Remote Admin & Maintenance
    • ATM remote reboot and shutdown, network diagnostic commands like ping, traceroute