Vortex Engineering is conducting a research survey to understand the requirement priorities that the Alternate Delivery Channel department of Banks has today. The following is a list of requirements that the senior management of ADC are trying to address and are in a lookout for products and solutions that cater to these requirements. Kindly take a minute to read through the table below to answer the survey questions effectively. We appreciate you taking the time to share your insightful thoughts with us by taking part in our survey.




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ATM Fraud Monitoring

Fraud Detection and Transaction Monitoring for ATM networks including detection of ATM application hijack, detection of abnormal trends in suspects and reversals, transaction request anomalies, location based detection of fraud, etc.


Omnichannel Payment Fraud Detection

Fraud detection of omnichannel network transactions including credit/debit card payments, account-to-account transfers, mobile wallet transactions, POS transactions, internet/mobile banking and e-payments.


Omnichannel Transaction Reconciliation

Transaction reconciliation - across all digital channels including mobile banking, netbanking, payment gateways, wallets, POS networks, ATM networks, international card networks, interbank settlements, etc.


Omnichannel Transaction Analytics

Transaction data analytics for ATM, mobile banking, POS, internet banking, wallets, cards, kiosks and cardless.


ATM Terminal Security Management

Multi-vendor terminal security monitoring - OS Hardening, Firewall, Whitelisting, Intrusion Detection, HDD Encryption, Policy Management.


ATM Windows OS Patch Management

Centralized management and distribution of operating system (Windows) patches, service packs and security patches to ensure security audit compliance.


PoS Network Management

Monitoring and management of PoS network and PoS transactions.


ATM Cash Reconciliation

ATM Cash Reconciliation between EJ records, EFT Switch Logs, GL Logs, Card Network Logs, CRA/CIT CBR reports.


ATM Cash Optimization

Cash Optimization - Predictive algos to optimize cash loading using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Dispute and Claims Management Portal

Omnichannel transaction dispute/claims management and workflow portal.


ATM Surveillance Monitoring

Centralized Surveillance of ATMs including audio / video based authorization of service personnel.


ATM Asset / Site Management

ATM Assets - Inventory maintenance, Installation Tracker, Warranty, AMC cycles/reminders, P&L / ROI. Site maintenance, Rental Contracts, Vendor Mgmt, Monitoring of UPS, Lights, ACs, Door, Security Alarm.

The survey will take ~3-4 minutes to complete. This survey is intended at collection of market requirements and all information collected will remain confidential. In our attempt to constantly improve our software product offerings and reach newer milestones on our product roadmap, we look forward to your feedback. The data will be aggregated and analysed to give us directions on which parts of our proposed roadmap have most relevance to our clients. Your input will help us make more informed decisions.



As a gesture of our gratitude towards your valuable time and effort, Vortex will share with you the executive summary containing the conclusions of the study. The study is being conducted particularly in the regions of South East Asia, Middle East and Africa.


Bramanandha Reddy
Vice President, Software Business
Vortex Engineering


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