Vortex Engineering Private Limited is an innovative and leading provider of ATMs and associated services. With the mission of helping banks reach out, Vortex ATMs are deployed in 8 different countries all over the globe.


Vortex is known for ground-breaking innovations in the ATM industry with social responsibility foremost in its objective. Powered by 9 patents, Vortex makes ATMs possible anywhere, anytime.


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  • 19 September 2013: Vortex becomes the first Indian Vendor to get PA-DSS certification.
  • 20 June 2013: The Economist-Innovating more with less in India.
  • June 2013: The Smart CEO-Creative dialogue from the senior management


For Sales Enquiries:
Phone: +91 9500001142
Corporate office & Chennai Factory:
Phone: +91 44 6633 9700 (Landline)
For Customer Support:
Toll free: 1800-425-8789